Friday, March 23, 2018
2018 Criminal Justice Networking and Information Exchange
MTSU - Tom H. Jackson Building
Wed, Mar 14 10:00 am

We are excited about hosting the networking exchange again this year! Since last year, we have been inviting a variety of representatives from various agencies to come and enlighten college-aged students regarding the criminal justice professions. As has become our trademark, the professionals we are inviting are not necessarily those usually tasked with recruiting. You'll find it's more like the environment after a guest speaker talks to the class than a job fair. All those who attended last year and the years before, both agency representatives and students, reported complete satisfaction with the outcome. The event is designed to give future professionals in Police, Courts, Corrections, and Security the opportunity to meet and converse with a variety of current professionals in those fields without the added stress of job-seeking. This is intended to be a professional networking event or meet-and-greet for area students and professionals in careers related to the criminal justice system. No resumes will be exchanged and no hiring interviews will be scheduled. The professional attendees will come from a variety of fields, both private and public, from large non-profits, small business, large companies, and local, state, and federal government. The invited attendees are currently or recently-enrolled students from colleges and universities in the Middle Tennessee area. If professors arrange for one, there will be a check in procedure for classes awarding attendance benefits, but the amount of time spent on site will be up to the student. Please let me know that you are able to attend!

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