Saturday, March 24, 2018
Eastside Sounds: Dan Luke & The Raid and Maddie Medley
The Basement East
Wed, Nov 15 5:30 pm

Dan Luke & The Raid: Dan Luke & the Raid frontman Dan Shultz, 21, grew up in a musical household outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky. His brothers Brad, 35, and Matt, 33, perform in the town’s best known — for now, if Shultz has his way — rock export, Cage the Elephant. “It was an interesting environment,” Shultz says with a laugh. “We were rambunctious.” More than a decade younger than Matt and Brad, Shultz was just 10 when they decamped to Europe to start their own career. And when another Shultz brother, Jeremy, left home shortly after that, Shultz suddenly found himself in quieter hallways. “There were times where it was lonely,” he admits. “My dad lived out in the country and there wasn’t a ton to do. I would sit with a guitar in my hand for hours and watch TV and learn the songs in commercials.” Shultz eventually linked up with drummer Kendrick Brent, a jazz- and funk-devotee and high school classmate who, along with Shultz, formed the foundation of what would become Dan Luke & the Raid. The group is now a quintet — it also includes bassist Dylan Graves, guitarist Patrick Stewart, and keyboardist Anthony Joiner — and they’ve just dropped their debut single, the groovy “Black Cat Heavy Metal. (EW is thrilled to premiere the song’s music video below.) The tune recalls a particularly wild night of partying — and pays homage to Muhammad Ali’s legacy. “There’s a line, ‘Passed out on the curb where legends die that is inspired by a night I was hanging out with my brother Matt and the band Twin Peaks,” Shultz explains. “We were in Louisville, [Ky.], the night Muhammed Ali died and we realized it was the place he was born. It felt surreal … realizing one of our hometown childhood heroes was gone.” - MADISON VAIN Maddie Medley: Sweetheart-rock Songbird from Nashville, TN.

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