Saturday, April 21, 2018
Forest Fire Gospel Choir with Kid Freud, The Saturns and Bendigo Fletcher
The Basement
Fri, Jan 12 9:00 pm

Forest Fire Gospel Choir: A Nashville based roots rock band originally formed during a recording project in rural Arkansas. Forged out of analog vibes and good times, FF//GC has a sound somewhere in between Dr. Dog, Joe Cocker, and Kings of Leon. With a combination of soul music, blues, garage rock, and bourbon, Forest Fire Gospel Choir is here to make love to your ears holes. Kid Freud: Kid Freud is the scuzzy brainchild of Alex Tomkins, Daniel Closser, and Kurt Krafft. Their fun, uptempo garage pop has drawn many comparisons to The Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes and their high energy live shows regularly leave people singing along after the music stops. The Saturns: The Saturns is a rock/rhythm & blues band from Nashville, TN formed in 2014. Bendigo Fletcher: Bendigo Fletcher are only just now establishing a following in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, but spend some time listening to their heady blend of psych-folk and Americana and you’ll quickly realize these young fellows are on to something special. This is saying something considering they have only been a band since April of 2016. The quintet counts the likes of The Byrds and John Prine as influences, and their sound also brings to mind more modern acts like the Felice Brothers and Dr. Dog.

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