Saturday, April 21, 2018
Liza Anne Live at Third Man Records
Third Man Records
Thu, Apr 19 8:00 pm

Liza Anne: Growing up, people would always say I was too happy to be depressed, or too social to have anxiety,” says Liza Anne Odachowski, the critically acclaimed songwriter better known these days by her stage name Liza Anne. “In their eyes, because I was one thing, I couldn’t also be something else. I think we all exist in duality, though. I can be everything and nothing all at once. Duality is at the core of Liza Anne’s arresting new album, ‘Fine But Dying,’ her debut release for indie powerhouse label Arts & Crafts.  Ian Ferguson: While we don’t know a ton about the solo material of Kingston Springs frontman Ian Ferguson, we loved his band (who are more or less inactive these days, following a buzzy run a couple years back), and expect the raw, bluesy, rock and roll vibes to sneak in in some capacity. We’re waiting on Ian to drop some solo material, so, for the time being, relive the best of the Springs with the video below, and come out to Acme to see what Ian has up his sleeves these days! -BY: PHILIP OBENSCHAIN Bantug: Having been making music for as long as she can remember, whether that was playing with her brother's drum kit or learning to play the guitar at age eight, Bantug's musical making continued with a move to Nashville, originally for school. Upon finding a community of like-minded musicians there, she set out on her current path. Experimenting with lyrics, melodies, and production style, "Just Like a Dream" marks the end of a chapter, but also the beginning of a new one for this exciting artist.-By Matthew Kent        

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