Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Lydia Brittan
Acme Feed & Seed
Fri, Jan 12 8:00 pm

The lights go down on a smoldering redhead in a tight glittering dress.  Her smoky voice channels aching and longing as her swaying band breathes a fresh groove like smoke that fills the room. To the right, a baritone sax wails and shudders along with a trombone and tenor sax as the soul claps rise and fall in and out of a blaze of sound. The diva in front of her band raises her eyes to the ceiling, fist clenched tightly to her heart. The dancing ends over the roar of the crowd, they stand there entranced, sweating, and waiting: a typical dramatic moment for Lydia Brittan.  The Lydia Brittan experience is like a vivid flashback to the sixties, one that transports you straight onto the set of Shindig, but with modern sounds reminiscent to Vintage Trouble and Amy Winehouse piercing through.  No matter where she is or what she does, Lydia Brittan stands out. 

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The Listening Room Cafe
Tue, Jan 23 6:00 pm
The Basement
Tue, Jan 23 7:00 pm
Ryman Auditorium
Tue, Jan 23 8:00 pm
The Basement East
Tue, Jan 23 8:00 pm
Family Wash
Tue, Jan 23 8:00 pm
City Winery
Thu, Jan 25 6:30 pm
The Sutler Saloon
Fri, Jan 26 5:00 pm
Ryman Auditorium
Fri, Jan 26 7:00 pm